Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cancelled/Postponed, T. Edward Bak event at Alkek Library


ISLAND OF MEMORY, T Edward Bak’s first volume of WILD MAN—The Natural History of Georg Wilhelm Steller, examines the human condition within the natural order at the extremes of the unknown. Part natural history, part adventure yarn and part experimental narrative, this 72-page full-color fever dream is the artistic realization of Bak’s inquiry into the socio-ecological consequences of empire.

T Edward Bak's presentation will include a discussion of the natural history and works which inspire and inform the narrative of his graphic novel. Read more from the publisher, Floating World Comics

T Edward Bak teaches and lectures on comics in the Pacific Northwest, where he studies Environmental Studies. He was the 2007 Center for Cartoon Studies Fellow and is the cartoonist of Service Industry, and WILD MAN: The Natural History of Georg Wilhelm Steller. His stories appear in The Graphic Canon, The Best American Comics, MOME, and Drawn & Quarterly Showcase. A native of Colorado, Bak resides primarily in Portland, Oregon, but often migrates throughout North America.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Graphic Novel Collections

Yesterday an exlibris listserv member posted this query ....

"are there any special collections of graphic novels?  Are any of them online for bibliographical data? "

Do we at GNSIG have a list of graphic novel collections with links?

A UPenn librarian responded with ..." searchable in our OPAC as "Steven Rothman Collection of Comics, Cartoons, and Graphic Novels"; our entire comics/graphic novels special collection is searchable (imaginatively enough) as "Comics Collection."  

I followed up on the Penn library catalog in a slightly different way, with a general search for the keyword "graphic novel" as a phrase and got 227 results, not all of which are in their Rothman collection, Comics Collection, or Special Collections:

Which made me wonder if there are graphic novels that are not identified as such in cataloging. I would have expected there to be more than 227.